Casually Explained: Moving Out

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In this video I talk about how quickly your vegetables go bad when your mom isn't doing the shopping. Find me here too:

  • I’m gonna start saving up money now while I’m thirteen sell most of my stuff then buy some pots and fruits/vegetables and use the least electricity possible same for my other bills and bike everywhere since I won’t have to pay taxes on a bike and just try to live as cheaply as possible

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  • If this were the boomer generation the prospect of moving out would be an extremely hopeful and promising one. Even if you were an average blue collar worker you could reasonably save up to buy a house and a car in your twenties without being swamped with debt. Finding a marriage partner would be far less likely to be a disappointment as well, you could reasonably expect a man to be a proper man and a woman to be a proper lady, and your marriage would be far less likely to end in divorce. Remember what they took from us.

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  • I'm 19 and this sounds like shit!

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  • Im moving out tomorrow and this makes me feel good

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  • all the terrorists watching this video... "write that down, write that down!

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  • 1:00 - come on man, everyone knows you end up in Sooke or Metchosin cause they found ‘a really sweet deal’, as they swipe their expired student card on the overcrowded #4 to UVic to complete their fine arts degree

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  • Wow all his bills are less then rent lol

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  • “if you are a terrorist dont say you are” maybe i am a terrorist

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  • 3:32 lastet for about a week for me

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  • Way to give the terrorists a cheat sheet. Now I gotta lay on the bed, close my eyes, get angrier, and then open my eyes to face the world more exhausted than ever.

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  • Me on my way to skid row after I hear about it

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  • Eat your cereal

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  • Absolute genius

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  • Im 21 and im still living with my parents cuz im asian lets gooo

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  • I just realized this video has music lol

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  • still live with my parent and I pay the electricity so they cant mad at me if i leave my pc running 24/7 and I give my mom $200 a month for grocies or whatever she want to do with the money

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  • I just don’t wanna grow up man, that moment when you realize you are 18 and you are moving out when you just started getting flashbacks of your family having fun with you and realizing that you will never feel the same way

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  • And with COVID, everyone's moving back in...

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  • I think my favorite part of moving out was thinking I was cool as I drove myself to the brink of sanity with drugs and isolation.

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  • When are you actually supposed to move out? I’m in college and I don’t have a job because I’m in school and no one would actually hire me. It feels like I’m still in high school but now I spend less time at home and that’s pretty much it. I honestly don’t even think my mom would let me move out because I’m 19, I’m still a teenager, I can’t take care of myself, I don’t have a car, I don’t even know how to cook my own food, I have to see a therapist because I’m mentally unstable, and my parent don’t trust me enough to let me live alone. Meanwhile my great grandmother got married when she was 13 and had 3 children and one of them died, and then she got a job as a local communist leader under Stalin’s regime and lived until the age of 90.

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  • i regret what i've done, i forgot the taste of bread...

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  • 2:04

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  • As a Chinese I feel so offended!! We don't throw bunny rabbits into a wok at a Chinese restaurant like you described... we skin and season them before throwing them into a wok... hmm, they are delicious...

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  • When I moved out I learned how to live for 4 weeks on 20 dollars.

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  • 4:09 but the good news is... the video started buffering, I guess my FBI agent thinks he’s funny.

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  • "Emerging or Established Metropolitan City With High Foreign Investment and General Desirability That You Pretend to Resent Living in but Deep Down You Know the Reason You're Here Is Because The Alternative is the Mid-West or Quebec" So, Vancouver??

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  • Unless you live in California... where it’s nearly mandatory to live with you parents as long as possible because it’s so expensive.

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  • I didn't move out until I was 24. College helped, and now I have a nice apartment. I guess it's never too late.

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  • Literally so spot on about neighbors. Apartment life sucks.

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  • that went hard

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  • Ah yes the golden rule

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  • I'm a freshly minted 33 year old and my parents bought me a condo to move out for the first time just last October. Boy has it been a wild 4ish months. I didn't expect the adjustment period to be so short but rough. Month 1 I was crying on the phone to my father "Why can't I just come live with you guys?!". Month 3 I had finished repairing an entire room by hand and was picking out paint colors before I realized I hadn't talked to my dad in 3 days.

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  • My trick to not moving out is waiting for the unstoppable flow of time to take down my parents and get the house for myself :)

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  • When i moved out i actually didn't buy groceries and starved to death

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  • yo i live in esquimalt!!! 0:52

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  • I actually prefer to sleep on my ramen noodle bricks.

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  • Everyone's experience is different. It hasn't been easy, but It hasn't been that bad. I was kinda forced into homelessness, and eventually my own apartment after the death of my parents. It's scary, but you can't let it get you down. It has been six years on my own, and I'm pretty happy. It doesn't have to be depressing or anxiety inducing. Living on your own is tough, but that's life. You make the best of it, organize your life, and live responsibly and life won't have to be nearly as hard for you. It might even have a few bright spots along the way.

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  • Actually know someone who’s 31 living with their mom still

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  • I just moved out with flatmates this year, and what was in that video was exactly what happened and how I felt.

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  • A giraffe's neck has 7 vertebrae, interestingly people also have 7 vertebrae

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  • A giraffe's neck has 7 vertebrae, interestingly people also have 7 vertebrae

    Daily Random FactsDaily Random Facts26 päivää sitten
  • Don’t worry, my cursive is very good! Why? Cause I throughly it was pretty and thus refused to write in print at school from 2nd grade until highschool! I can cook though... I don’t but I know how to... to much work though P.S. I’m under 18

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  • The blushing peak singly pump because brandy energetically examine up a bored coach. gaudy, hushed asparagus

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  • asians: *visible confusions*

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  • This map looks familiar... Wait that's my city Victoria lmao

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  • When you realize that the father's smile is a mii character smile 😯

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  • 3:46 spoke to me

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  • Bro just buy an rv and live in it

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  • haha covid go brrrr

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  • The Québec alternative doesn't sound that bad tho

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  • "and wondering how long it would take for someone to notice if you didn't wake up" - OOF lvl over 9000

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  • The 'Is it Canadian dollars?' thing, the struggle is real. Almost like having to convert meters to feet for our crazy 'merican friends.

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  • My biggest regret is moving out by myself and within 1st month get PAD from watching Darling in the franxx. Now I literally cannot sleep without feeling lonely when I was so excited to live by myself for years. Lmao, I need a gf.

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  • I'm a fan, and I'm not really this guy, but you said "hurdle" so...I have to put this here

  • I did move out & lived away from fam for a couple of years. I wasn't alone though. I have roommates. Pandemic made me move back to my fam. It was all good until things got worse, most especially the financial part. Everything is stressing me out. I love my family sooo much. But I can't stand living with them anymore. There's not a day that we don't argue. I've been trying my best not to breakdown & feel what I should feel. Problems are in queue. Rent, bills, relationship with them, joblessness, lack of privacy, hunger, news... Everything is messing with my mental health. I just wanna move outta here. Thought about this already & I'm for sure. I'm good being alone, as long as my furry babies are with me. I dont want any roommates. Just want to be alone & be myself. Moving out isn't really a bad thing. Mayhaps the best decision I'd make. But yeah, gotta go through a lot and consider things before that'll turn into a reality. Lol. Just sharing. 😅 Wish me luck. 🎉🎉🎉

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  • I can’t wait to get the hell out of here man

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  • work your ass off for 60 years, being a good citizen and employee and still renting shit while other 18 to early 20s buy their own house, some, mansion. Just because they hit it big on yt, ig or twitch, only fans

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    • @Money things and fun Together :D i am too, but unfortunately, i dont have the funds yet

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    • Search how to invest, how to grow wealth, how to manage your budget before you hit 18, I’m doing that rn, do it while you have the time, you could be one of those people too 👍

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  • For those who are wanting to rent heres some tips that might help you. Please don't lie about anything important like if they ask you if you make a lot of money but actually dont... or play drums or throw loud ass parties. You will be evicted and then it will be even more impossible to rent again. Pay your rent before going on vacation...and if youre having a rough time due to something like covid 19. Talk with your landlord. set up payments that you can do instead of not paying at all. There were plenty of min wage jobs out there during that time. if you move in somewhere. Day one take video. pictures. and talk with your landlord about anything and everything expected of you. If you are handed a contract READ IT. dont just sign it and blow it off. You can get into a lot of legal trouble. And i can not stress this enough.. remember. you do not own that place. it is not yours. I dont care how many years youve lived there. If you rent. you are not the owner in any way shape or form. If you are asked to leave. LEAVE. Dont think the courts will protect you. They can come in and take you out by force. If you want to act hard and think they wont kick you without a fight trust me youll lose. Ive dealt with idiots like that and they always end up on the streets after a few months. Lastly. If you leave the place in absolute crap condition, please dont expect your deposit back. Like Dont even have the nerve to hit send on that text msg if you left thousands in damages.

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  • At what age are you ‘supposed’ to move out? Bc I’m currently at the age where some live with their partners, some are pregnant, some are still studying and some have no idea what they’re doing or what to do for the rest of their life

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    • Nobody can tell you at what age you're supposed to move out.You can still live in your parents house as long as you provide for the family too

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  • 26 moved out at 21 lived by myself for 4 years now live with my girlfriend and my baby boy will be here soon 🍼. Moving out is the best thing that ever happened to me

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  • The part about only eating noodles and microwaved food everyday isn't true. I also eat rice.

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  • I already have bills and i still live with my parents... well maybe "i moved out" already

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  • I got kicked out and live out of my car and this is accurate and bleak protest for rent control and afforadable living

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  • I can’t wait to move out I got 2 more years but I’m gonna get out middle of the night and take a plane to a city far away change my name cut off everyone I know and in my family

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  • damn this video was pretty dark.

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  • That's life.

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  • "more rent" got me lolololol

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  • You took the time to make the table transparent blue and changed the color of the other legs under the glass to look like grey through blue glass, yet your drawing of your own face is as basic as it gets... "entertainment "

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    • That comment sounds mean, not what i intended, i love your videos

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  • 0:38 yep, if don’t have to get a roommate than dont! My 2 cents, you can always invite people over.

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  • Wow i must say i automatically clicked with this channel and it's the first time I'm watching it.... Subscribed

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  • My parents kicked me out after i got into a fist fight with my dad. Good times

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  • Turkish?

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  • I never understand the culture of moving out in western countries.Here is Asia,people live with parents.They become adult,they get a job,take care of Their parents.Marries someone.Moves out.Or sometimes live in with old mom and dads(applicable for men Only). I think this is why Asian people still are very family centric and have connections with family.Very few people are completely cut off from family which is very common in Western countries.

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  • Moving out from room to basement not seems so hard.

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  • I turned 18 less than a month ago and my parents want me out

    Kaede SakuraKaede SakuraUukausi sitten
    • Mine did too, but they were nice enough to buy me a plane ticket to the other side of the world 🤣

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  • Been a year since I moved out and I regret it all

    PrestonPreston2 kuukautta sitten
  • "Don't worry, *we all regret it* "

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  • Casually explained: crippling depression

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  • 00:58 😆 yup that’s bouta be me in 2021

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  • Shit, lemme kms before that happens 😭👀

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  • Damn 1k for rent thats okay-ish. In my country 100% of your monthly salary goes to rent. Like averaged monthly salary = monthly rent payment. Plus prices are that high, people spend up to 45% of their money on food. I want to commit sewer slide. No wonder we are 7th worldwide for Suicide among both sexes and 4th worldwide for suicide among male.

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  • Aw man can’t wait

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  • Man pls do podcasts

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  • I started laughing and then I realized why this video was made.

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  • um why is no one talking about the racist rabbit joke at 0:28? 😃

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  • yo that part at 3:27 ish hit home so hard lmao

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  • Ayy Victoria hell yeah

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  • 1:52 Wait, Customs asks that? 😥

    Yusuf HusseinYusuf Hussein2 kuukautta sitten
  • The house part I have an advantage on, my mothers a realestate agent, and my grandfather is construction worker and invests in property’s, so i get advice on this stuff all the time

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  • Holdup, idk if you will see this but do u live in VICTORIA BC??!

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  • Holy shit I just moved out a few weeks ago, and it was so so much easier in central europe compared to canada apparently. Even though I traveled 600km by bus for 8 hours at night without sleep back and forth 5 different times to the city I live in now finally, all I had to do was visit apartments and ask the landlords some questions until I was extremely lucky and got a yes from a previous tenant who got to decide for the landlord. I hope everyone reading this will have this much luck too :)

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  • It’s funny because you actually give alright advice at times

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  • “You have nothing to lose, except all your self esteem”

    -ファントム-ファントム2 kuukautta sitten
  • This hits a little bit too close to home. It actually plowed through the building. Lmao jk but yeah.

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  • I don't know, it's so very poignant

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  • Wow. all these super intrusive questions would be a complete nogo where i live (austria). They are your landlords not your feudal lords wtf.

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  • As a dude making $90k/year in CO, I STILL choose to live with roommates. If your situation allows it, do the appropriate vetting and just try it. For anyone struggling financially, there's really no excuse not too unless there's a cheaper alternative like living with parents. I don't think most people realize just how financially liberating an extra $300-500/mo can be.

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    • @You Me Software/Computer Engineering degrees my dude.

      Steven DelValleSteven DelValle2 kuukautta sitten
    • 90k a year tf!! i want your job

      You MeYou Me2 kuukautta sitten
  • i wanna kill myself and end all that right now before it gets worst. this video, huge turn down lmao

    gabriel_dj2020 Djgabriel_dj2020 Dj2 kuukautta sitten
    • Please don't's just a life challenge and it will go away, take it easy!! don't be trapped inside of that box all the time , take a tiny look on what's outside and then go back in to make it all happen.

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  • What an awesome channel. Lol "Have you been involved in a terrorist organization within the last 7 years" " technically it's only been 6 years and 8 months".

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  • What a genius golden rule, thank you I will use this advice for the future

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